Graduate Temporary 485 Visas – Handy Tips

Although most Graduate Temporary 485 Visas applications seem straightforward, there are some important pitfalls to watch out for when lodging a Graduate Temporary visa application. We briefly touch upon these issues and welcome any queries that you may have. Graduate Temporary 485 Visas

Timing is a critical factor in lodging a Graduate Temporary 485 Visa, as these must be lodged within 6 months of course completion. 6 months of course completion is not the graduation date but rather the date the results were declared and course requirements were completed.

Course Duration is equally important when lodging a Graduate Temporary 485 Visa, your course must be registered for at least 92 weeks and 16 calendar months. Talk to us about how these dates are calculated and the accurate source of these dates.

Australian Federal Police Clearance is a mandatory requirement to be completed before lodging a Graduate Temporary 485 Visa, police clearance must be current, must have been applied before lodgement and all applicants 16 years or older should be part of the application.

English Language Testing is crucial when lodging a Graduate Temporary 485 Visa, your test must have been attempted prior to lodgement of your application, or you will risk the refusal of your application. Students may choose any of the prescribed English Language Test prior to lodging their applications.

Health Cover is a must for the Graduate Temporary 485 Visas application, you must have a valid cover on lodgement, must maintain it during the processing stage.

Accurate documentation is crucial when lodging a Graduate Temporary 485 Visa, this includes a letter of completion from the university confirming exact dates of study.

Applicants must apply for the correct stream of application, and choose carefully between Graduate Work Stream and Post Study Work Stream, each has its own benefits and risk. Talk to us to get more information and develop a better understanding of what is more suitable to your circumstances.

Australian qualifications that are used to lodge the 485 Visa must be closely related and must be completed as part of 2 year study.

Skills Assessment must have been attempted before you lodge an application for Graduate Temporary 485 Visa.

Finally applicants must check if they have a Section 48 Bar on them prior to lodging an application for Graduate Temporary 485 Visa. Section 48 is a complex issue and we recommend that clients contact us to determine their individual circumstances.

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