Updates for ACT 190 and 491 Visas in April 2023

Updates for ACT 190 and 491 Visas in April 2023

We’ve got some fantastic news straight from Hans Van Deursen, the director of ACT Migration. He’s provided us with valuable insights into what’s in store for the next two months of this financial year. Let’s dive into the latest updates on the ACT 190 and 491 Visas.

In this financial year, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has been allocated 2,025 nomination places for the Skilled Nominated (190) visa subclass, another 2,025 for the Skilled Work Regional (491) visa subclass, and a further 10 for the Business Innovation and Investment Program.

This marks a significant increase in the total number of nomination places, which is double the allocation from the previous financial year.  Updates for ACT 190 and 491 Visas in April 2023

As of Monday, April 17, 2023:

– ACT has already granted 1,392 Provisional Skilled Regional Work visa (subclass 491) nominations, leaving just 633 places available.

– Additionally, ACT has granted 1,175 Permanent Skilled Independent visa (subclass 190) nominations, with 850 nominations still to be allocated.

– On a related note, the Business Innovation and Investment Program is now closed after ACT granted all 10 available nominations.

ACT is now in the process of processing 1,488 nominations, which means they’ll be sending out more invitations. This is likely to result in lower minimum scores needed to receive an invitation. So, here are a few key considerations:

For the 190 Visa

The minimum Canberra Matrix score required to receive an invitation for ACT nomination is expected to drop further. While it has previously been 70, ACT has invited applicants with scores as low as 65 for specific priority occupations and those with less demand. Keep in mind that these scores are not set in stone and may change depending on occupation demand and availability.

For the 491 Visa

Overseas residents are still more likely to receive an invitation. The minimum Canberra Matrix score required has been 60, but ACT has extended invitations to applicants with scores as low as 50, especially for overseas applicants and certain priority occupations with limited applicants. These scores are also subject to change based on demand and availability.

Please note that these scores are indicative and not guaranteed. The number of Matrix submissions, the scores of those submissions, and the number of migrants nominated per occupation and by residency status can affect these scores.

Update to ACT Nomination Guidelines and ACT Critical Skills List

The ACT migration program has evolved significantly in terms of size and composition. Due to ongoing skills shortages, the ACT has added 128 new occupations to their list.

Invitation Rounds for ACT 190 and 491 Visa

ACT will continue to conduct fortnightly invitation rounds, with invitations expected to increase in size over the coming weeks. They may invite applicants with lower scores depending on various factors, ensuring a broad range of applicants receive invitations.

The ACT Government is committed to prioritizing overseas residents, leading to an increase in invitations for this group.

Notable Changes

Some noteworthy changes include:

– Easing of employment criteria for ACT nomination of 491 and 190 visas.
– Lowered minimum English language requirements for 491 visa applicants.
– Reduced minimum threshold for 482 visa holders.
– Points can now be claimed for the length of ACT residence when applicants have been away for certain periods.
– Points can also be claimed for previous work in Regional NSW while residing in the ACT.

Please be aware that the eligibility criteria have not changed; applicants must still work in Canberra at the time of their Canberra Matrix submission to be eligible for ACT nomination. The re-nomination policy has also been amended.

State Nomination Visa applications can be complex and lengthy. Document requirements vary based on individual circumstances. At Migration Guru, we’ll assess your specific situation and recommend the best available option. Don’t hesitate to book a consultation with one of our expert and experienced lawyers to start your journey towards permanent residency in Australia.

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