Skilled Migration- Skill select

Skilled Migration- Skill select

Migration Law is a very complicated set of process that evolve from time to time. At times, the Department do not provide much notice for any proposed changes. In July 2012, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (then known as Department of Immigration and Citizenship) introduced a new system for the Point Test Skilled Migration known as the SkillSelect.

This system allows the Department to introduce quotas and cap the number of application that can be considered every financial year more effectively. This new system allows the Department to monitor and consider the number of visas to be granted in particular financial year. The quotas will usually be announced at the commencement of the financial year determining how many applications will be considered in every subclasses and the nominated occupation that will be considered for that particular year.

This is proven to be a lengthy and difficult process for most the visa applicants these days. Prior to the introduction of SkillSelect, any prospective visa applicant that meets the point test, may submit their application and pay the relevant visa application fee and will be in line for the processing of the application to be considered for the grant of the visa. In interim, for most applications lodged onshore (while in Australia), a bridging visa will be issued to the visa applicant to remain in Australia pending the decision of the visa application.

Contrary to the traditional process, the introduction of Skilled Migration- Skill select require the prospective visa applicants to first submit their Expression of Interest (EOI). After submitting the Expression of Interests, the prospective visa applicants will not be issued with Bridging Visas to remain in Australia pending the invitation from the Department to apply for the visa. This would mean that the visa applicants will need to apply for some other visas to remain in Australia or to depart overseas to wait for the invitation.

The Department will consider inviting the prospective visa applicant depending on the quotas allocated for the financial year. Due to this, there are few popular occupations primarily in Information Technology and accounting, where there are more applications pending in the SkillSelect Expression of Interest compared to the allocated quotas.

As a result of this, there are still many applications still in the queue anticipating for the invites to apply for the visa. However, recently, there are reports from the Department that certain occupation has reached its quotas and will no longer be considered until next financial years. Due to this, for some prospective visa applicant, there is a need to apply for alternative visas or to wait for the invitation from overseas. There are also some occupations that still have limited quotas and those with higher credentials or higher points score will stand a better chance to be considered.

Our team of Migration Agents and Solicitors have assisted a vast number of clients to review their options and increase their chances to be considered for the SkillSelect Invitation. We have assisted a some of our clients to explore other occupations or visa subclasses that may increase their chances to be considered for the invitation for the visa application.

Please speak to our team about your possible alternative options to be considered for other occupations or visa options.
We here at Migration Guru have a collective experience of more than 20 years in the industry made out of 7 Migration Agents and Solicitors. With the amount of experience and skills that our team have acquire overtime, more than often, we are able to provide accurate and best migration or legal advice based on our clients’ personal circumstances.                                                                                                                                                                                      Our team may be contacted by via email on info at or by calling 07 3036 3800. Readers are encouraged to follow us on Facebook for all the updates.

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