Navigating the Pathways: Migration Tasmania Update – December 4, 2023

As a leading immigration lawyer at Migration Guru, I’m dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest updates in Australian migration law. Today, let’s delve into the recent update from Migration Tasmania, focusing on processing times and nomination places as of December 4, 2023.

Processing Times: Aiming for Efficiency

Navigating the Pathways: Migration Tasmania Update

In the pursuit of transparency and efficiency, Migration Tasmania shares that the oldest unallocated nomination application, dated November 20, 2023, is currently in their system. The commitment is clear – to provide outcomes within 10 days after allocation. This dedication to timely processing is crucial for applicants eager to embark on their Australian migration journey.

Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) Visa: Status Check

For the Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) Visa, Migration Tasmania has utilized 333 out of the 600 available places. As of now, 30 nomination applications are pending decisions, with 21 invitations awaiting acceptance. Additionally, there are 504 registrations of interest on hand, reflecting the continued interest in this visa subclass.

Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) Visa: Navigating the Numbers

In the realm of the Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) Visa, Migration Tasmania has used 232 out of the 600 places allocated. Currently, 28 nomination applications are in the decision phase, with 13 invitations awaiting acceptance. Registrations of interest for this visa subclass stand at 384, underlining the ongoing popularity of regional pathways.

Selection Process: Seeking the Best Fit

Migration Tasmania emphasizes a dynamic approach in selecting Registrations of Interest (ROIs) for nomination. With up to 30 invitations issued weekly, the process remains fluid, adapting to the evolving landscape. The emphasis is on choosing the most competitive ROIs, ensuring that the selected candidates align closely with the needs and priorities of Tasmania.

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