Updates General Skilled Migration Visas

Updates General Skilled Migration Visas

Greetings from Migration Guru, the leading Australian Migration Law Firm! We are here to provide you with vital information on the Updates General Skilled Migration visas for subclass 190 and 491 for the 2023-2024 financial year. In this article, we’ll delve into the latest visa numbers and recent developments from each State and Territory in Australia.

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State Wise Break Down – Updates General Skilled Migration Visas


Tasmania, which had 2150 seats for 190 and 2100 seats for 491 last financial year, has received a reduced allocation for 2023-2024. Tasmania’s allocation now stands at:
– Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa: 600 places
– Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) visa: 600 places

This reduction is attributed to the high volume of visa applications following the 2022-23 quotas. We acknowledge the concerns this may raise among applicants and assure you that we are actively engaging with the Australian Government on this matter. Tasmania will provide further details on how it will manage its Skilled Migration State Nomination Program for 2023-24.


Victoria, which had 12,900 seats for 190 and 2,000 seats for 491 last financial year, has been allocated 3,300 skilled visa nomination places for 2023-2024. This allocation comprises:
– Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190): 2,700 places
– Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491): 600 places

Stay tuned for more information on eligibility requirements and program dates on the Live in Melbourne website.

Northern Territory

NT had 600 seats for 190 and 1400 for 491 last financial year but now faces significantly reduced allocations for 2023-24. To manage this, MigrationNT will temporarily stop accepting new nomination applications as of 24th August 2023. Existing applications will be assessed, and the program will be reopened for subclass 491 nomination applications only with stricter criteria.

South Australia

SA, which had 3000 seats for 190 and 5800 for 491 last financial year, will receive only 2,300 nomination places in 2023-24, a substantial reduction from the previous year’s allocation of 8,800 places. Details about the 2023–24 GSM program will be announced shortly.

New South Wales

NSW, which had 9,108 seats for 190 and 6,168 seats for 491 last financial year, aims to address skill shortages across various sectors in collaboration with the Australian Government. While we anticipate consistency in nomination guidelines, we are continuously adapting to the evolving landscape. Be prepared for highly competitive invitation rounds.

Australian Capital Territory

ACT, which had 2025 seats for 190 and 2025 seats for 491 last financial year, has received a smaller allocation of 600 places for both 190 and 491 visas. ACT acknowledges the impacts this may have and is actively involved in the development of the new National Migration Strategy.


QLD, which had 3,000 seats for 190 and 2,000 seats for 491 last financial year, will have 900 places for 190 visas and 650 for 491 visas. Prospective applicants are encouraged to consider other visa options due to increased competition.

Western Australia

Western Australia, which had 5,350 seats for 190 and 2,790 seats for 491 last financial year, faces a significant reduction in its allocation. The Premier of Western Australia has called for a reversal of the decision to cut the skilled migrant intake, highlighting the urgent need for skilled workers.

Consultation – Updates GSM Visas

If you are considering applying for a 190 or 491 visa, we strongly encourage you to book a consultation with Migration Guru. Our experts can assist you in assessing your eligibility, gathering necessary documentation, and preparing your application effectively.

Stay informed, plan strategically, and navigate the evolving landscape of Australian immigration with the guidance of Migration Guru. We are here to support your journey to a brighter future Down Under.

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