Unlocking Opportunities: The ACT Small Business Owner Pathway to Australian Permanent Residency

Greetings, fellow Canberrans! As a seasoned immigration lawyer at Migration Guru, where we boast over 90 years of collective experience in Australian migration law, I’m thrilled to shed light on a pathway to Australian permanent residency that often goes unnoticed—the ACT Small Business Owner (SBO) pathway.

Let’s delve into the key aspects of the ACT SBO pathway, a remarkable avenue for residents in Canberra seeking permanent residency beyond the conventional work skills and spouse sponsorship routes.

ACT Small Business Owner Pathway to Australian PRThe Essentials of the ACT SBO Pathway

For your small business to qualify for ACT state nomination, it must meet specific criteria:


Operational History: The business should have a track record of at least six months of operation within Canberra.

Financial Viability: Demonstrate a robust financial standing with an annual turnover surpassing AUD 200,000 or AUD 100,000 over six months. The business must also be profitable.

Staffing Requirements: Employ at least two staff members, with one being an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen.

Self-Employment Criteria: As the applicant, you must be self-employed, holding at least 51% of the business shares. The minimum income requirements are AUD 26,000 over six months for ACT190 and AUD 13,000 over three months for ACT491.

Additional Requirements for the Applicant

In addition to the business criteria, there are specific prerequisites for the applicant:

  1. Positive Skill Assessment: Hold a positive skill assessment in any occupation.
  2. Expression of Interest (EOI): Attain at least 50 points for the 491 visa or 60 points for the 190 visa in the EOI.
  3. Matrix Points: Achieve the required points in the Matrix to receive an invitation.

By satisfying these conditions, you become eligible to apply for the ACT state nomination through the Small Business Owner pathway.

Stay tuned for further updates from Migration Guru as we continue to guide you through the intricate landscape of Australian migration opportunities.

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