Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF)

From 1 July 2016, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will bring in few changes to few visa subclasses. These changes will impact mainly the Student visa and the skilled occupation list which will in turn impact certain applicant under 189 Skilled Independent visa.
We will focus on the Student visa at this stage which is one of the major chances coming into effect from 1 July 2016. Although the new framework is known as a simplified process, at this stage, it does not appear to be any easier process compared to the current assessment criteria.
The major changes from the current SVP assessment criteria is the rating of the education providers. All of the education provider will have their own respective ratings depending the performance of the providers in a whole. Depending on the rating of the educational provider and the country of origin of the students, the assessment level will be determined based on this few primary criteria. In addition to that, for certain students that packages their courses, this may affect their assessment level as well.
As the ratings for most of the education providers are not published at this stage and the assessment level varies depending on few different factors, we highly recommend that any future applicants to speak to us prior to making any major decision.
In addition to that, for those students that are already holder of student visas in Australia should continue maintaining their student visa conditions. The Department will be focusing majorly on students that have not been progressing well; studying on courses that are at the lower level or if the Department deem the student not to be a “Genuine Student”.
Notwithstanding the abovementioned changes, the financial requirement for overseas student will be increased from July 2016. Any future student visa applicant which falls under lower assessment level will most likely be required to show their financial capacity. Please contact our office to discuss about the new financial requirements.
We highly recommend any student visa applicant or holder to contact our office to discuss their matter individually in order for us to assess their position post July 2016.
To conclude this month’s article, we would like to remind all the student visa holders to please consult experienced Migration Practice prior to making any major decision in their courses and their visa options.
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