2021 Latest Invitation Rounds and Allocations Updates for Australian Skilled Migration Program

2021 Latest Invitation Rounds and Allocations Updates for Australian Skilled Migration Program


Invitation cycle Visa for Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 491) – Family-sponsored visas, are expected to be conducted quarterly. Cycle dates may change.

The number of invitations per cycle may vary depending on the number of applications being considered by the Department.

Note: Proposals for the national or regional government of the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) will not be affected by departmental invitation cycles.

The government is closely monitoring migration and visa arrangements to ensure that they comply with public health measures, are flexible and do not eliminate job opportunities for Australians, so that Australia can respond effectively to the immediate and subsequent effects of COVID-19. Therefore, cycles of targeted invitations have taken place since May 2020.

The Department will conduct quarterly invitation cycles for the remainder of the 2021-22 program year.

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Skill Select Invitation 2021-2022

On July 26, a total of 750 invitations were issued; 500 of those Subclass 189 Skilled Independent visas and 250 Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Family Sponsored) visas.

Following the trend of the last few cycles, the 491 visa minimum points continue for 65 points, while the 189 low points remain at 80 points. The newly added 491 EOI was from March 2021, while the latest E9I of 189 visas went back to July 2019.


Pro-Rata occupations

Two pro-rata Engineering projects received invitations for this round:

Occupation ID Description Minimum Points Score Latest date of EOI
2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 90 (SC189) 04/2021
2339 Other Engineering Professionals 90 (SC189) 04/2021


Occupation Ceilings

As Occupation Ceilings have not yet been published, reviews of available EOI data did not indicate which occupations received invitations.


The Most Valuable Skills List (please note that pharmacists have been added to the list after the 26 July cycle) has recently been updated.


Occupations in PMSOL effective 27 July 2021

  • Chief Executive or Managing Director (111111)
  • Construction Project Manager (133111)
  • Accountant (General) (221111)
  • Accountant (Management) (221112)
  • Accountant (Taxation) (221113)
  • External Auditor (221213)
  • Internal Auditor (221214)
  • Surveyor (232212)
  • Cartographer (232213)
  • Other Spatial Scientist (232214)
  • Civil Engineer (233211)
  • Structural Engineer (233214)
  • Geotechnical Engineer (233212)
  • Transport Engineer (233215)
  • Electrical Engineer (233311)
  • Mechanical Engineer (233512)
  • Mining Engineer (233611)
  • Petroleum Engineer (233612)
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist (234611)
  • Veterinarian (234711)
  • Hospital Pharmacist (251511)
  • Retail Pharmacist (251513)
  • Industrial Pharmacist (251512)
  • Orthotist / Prosthetist (251912)
  • General Practitioner (253111)
  • Resident Medical Officer (253112)
  • Psychiatrist (253411)
  • Medical Practitioner nec (253999)
  • Midwife (254111)
  • Registered Nurse (Aged Care) (254412)
  • Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) (254415)
  • Registered Nurse (Medical) (254418)
  • Registered Nurse (Mental Health) (254422)
  • Registered Nurse (Perioperative) (254423)
  • Registered Nurses nec (254499)
  • Multimedia Specialist (261211)
  • Analyst Programmer (261311)
  • Developer Programmer (261312)
  • Software Engineer (261313)
  • Software and Applications Programmers (261399)
  • ICT Security Specialist (262112)
  • Social Worker (272511)
  • Maintenance Planner (312911)
  • Chef (351311)

Visa applicants with general skills in the above applications also appear to be getting preferences under the Independent and State / Territory Nominated visa application.


Applicant-sponsored applicants for PMSOL activities will be given priority to consider both promotional and visa applications for the following visa types:

  • Subclass 482 – Temporary skill shortage (TSS) visa
  • Subclass 494 – Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa
  • Subclass 186 – Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa
  • Subclass 187 – Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)


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