Money Well Spent (article April-2016)

When a person decides to build a house, they usually hire professionals such as an architect, and a builder, even though most people would know how to use a hammer and a saw. The reason they hire professionals is because their house is one of their most expensive investments and it’s important that what is built doesn’t come falling down.

The opportunity to choose your country of residency is also one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. While making this decision, it is therefore important to make sure that the application submitted is accurate and complete. Australian migration law is one of the most complex areas of law that is constantly changing. This is because the country’s population and economic needs are constantly evolving and different times will require different policies to ensure that the nation remains economically prosperous, competitive, and prepared for the future.

Since migration law is always changing, it is important to use an experienced and qualified Registered Migration Agent. Registered Migration Agents have to follow a strict Code of Conduct under Migration Law. The Code of Conduct states that the Registered Migration Agent must provide their clients realistic advice about the chances of success for the visa application. Registered Migration Agents are also required to undergo continuing professional development every year, to ensure that their knowledge and skills are always up to date and in tandem with the latest changes in the law, regulations and policy.

Migration Guru consists of Registered Migration Agents who are also practicing lawyers with experience in different areas of migration law. The Migration Guru team has combined experience of more than 35 years in migration law. We provide clients with advice on the most appropriate options for migration specifically for their situation, assistance with all stages of the application process, and liaise with the Department of Immigration and Border protection.

We aim to take the stress away from our clients so that they don’t have to worry about coordinating all the different parts required for a migration application, and most important of all, we make sure that the application is accurate and complete according to the migration law.

Migration Guru charges a reasonable professional fee, but the importance of having the process and the application for one of the most important decisions of your life taken care of by professionals is priceless.

For enquiries in regards to your Migration application please contact our experienced and friendly Team at Migration Guru. Our team may be contacted by via emailing or call 07 3711 2254. Migration Guru offers a full range of professional services that include assessment of migration options, checking documentations and assistance in preparing applications.

Migration Guru Pty Ltd, Level 18 & 22, 127 Creek Street, Brisbane, QLD. Phone: 07 3711 2254
MARN 0324607, 1384452, 1175591, 1382609, 1467661 & 1466522.
Disclaimer:- The above article constitutes only generic information on migration issues, and does not constitute specific migration advice to any entity or individual.

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