Training Visa For Recent Graduates – Subclass 407

New Training Visa

Available For Australian Graduates – Subclass 407

The Training Visa is an excellent pathway for young graduates to gain valuable work experience in Australia and also use that work experience possibly at a later date to assimilate additional points towards their permanent residency application. The Training Visa allows Australian Businesses and government agencies to sponsor applicants to participate in occupational training activities and professional development activities. This visa allows you to work for your sponsor in your job whilst undertaking in a structured training program provided by your employer. Training Visa

The main objective of this visa is to undertake training and not solely engage in work related activities.

There are three main streams for this visa, first one being where the applicant needs training to met registration requirements for their occupation. The second stream being where applicant wants to improve a specific skill and finally the third one being where the training will help to build capacity overseas. The latter category applicants are generally sponsored by their home country government or parent organization in their home countries.

In order to be successful with this visa subclass applicants must submit a Individually Structured Training plan. This plan basically outlines that 70% of training must be done in the workplace and not classroom, must clearly differentiate between period of practical work experience and period of observation and learning. The plan must clearly outline objectives, goals and task that need to be completed within specific timelines. Include an assessment of the current level of skill that the trainee currently has and must outline the improved skills that they will achieve at the completion of the training.

To be eligible for this visa stream, applicant must have worked or studied full time for at least 12 months in the last 24 months and this must be in the occupation that is on the Skilled Occupation List. The occupation chosen must be on the relevant legislative instrument and must be relevant to the applicants study / work experience.

If the sponsoring organization is other than an Australian Government Agency then they must seek, sponsorship, followed by nomination application and finally the visa application.

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